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Since 5 years we have been helping brands turn their sustainable values into emotional experiences. We could answer some of the challenges below together.

As promised, here is a selection of custom projects, that might be interesting for you.

How to present local products and the potential of a region

Wild and Root Food Lab Event BerlinFind out

How to create an awareness of the value and waste of bread

Find out

How to turn an ordinary product into a special eye catcher 

Wild and Root Eventagentur Food Installation BerlinFind out

How to visualize food waste and the value of our products

Find out

How to create an awareness of our wasteful consumption

Wild and Root Berlin Food Art WeekFind out

How to introduce children to cooking and their creativity

Wild and Root Solanum Festival Eventagency BerlinFind out

How to tell the story of former monastic life

Wild and Root Eventagentur BerlinFind out

How to present a city as home to diversity

Find out

How to present the offer of a market hall creatively

Wild and Root Kreativagentur Markthalle Acht BremenFind out

How to bring out the uniqueness of a region

Find out

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