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A team building experience like no other in Berlin.

Bye-bye remote! Experience something together.

Your team building day in Berlin

Remote positions, more diverse teams, job sharing: many companies are on their way to a new work culture. More sustainable, but also more fragmented. More than ever, we need shared experiences. Not as a random product, but as a fixed pillar in the corporate year. That’s why we developed the Team Building à la Wild & Root – playful, zeitgeisty and curated with lots of love. Book your team building in Berlin, now. Welcome to our world!


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Schedule for your team building in Berlin

09:30-10:30 Welcome & Breakfast Forest
10:30-12:30 Workshop (Pick now!)
12:30-14:30 Interactive Lunch – Noon at Food Stations
14:30-16:30 Workshop (Pick now!)
16:30-17:30 Farewell Snack & Official Closing


Team building BASE PRICE: € 6.500 – € 9.500

+ Price “THINKING” workshop module: € 550 – € 2.450

+ Price “DOING” workshop module: € 134 – € 2.270

= Individual price that fits your team!

Price depends on group size and workshop selection. Detailed information at the bottom of the page.

Strategieberatung und Workshopentwicklung mit Wild & Root, Strategic Consulting and Workshop Development with Wild & Root

Step 1: Choose Thinking Workshop

Choose a workshop from the THINKING category. Discuss topics relevant to the future. Bring new knowledge and fresh impulses to your team.


Sustainable Transformation

A workshop that cultivates sustainable change. Take a look at the perspectives of sustainability (external sustainability) and explore the potentials of your team (internal sustainability). Learn how to meet challenges with courage, curiosity and innovational spirit.


Authentic Relating

Strengthen your communication culture in the team and create a safe framework for any kind of conversation – even the difficult ones. Meet other team members with a new openness and learn playfully how to get into a deeper exchange with every person.


Collective Vision Board

Create shared Vision Boards and allow yourselves to be fully seen. What is the desire that drives you? Where do you recognize yourself in other team members? And what is your motivation in life? Discover similarities and create lasting bonds.

Step 2: Choose Doing workshop

Choose a workshop from the DOING category. Stop your thoughts going round in circles – let your intuition guide you and get moving.


Holistic Yoga

A holistic yoga session that strengthens the inner connection to yourself as well as the group cohesion within your team. The session includes breathing practices, yoga postures and meditation. No prior yoga experience necessary, come as you are.


Blindfolded Sculpturing

The everyday life of many teams is determined by the visual: We routinely look at screens, at faces, and at project designs. But what happens when we detach ourselves from the visual and focus on the sense of touch? An invitation to explore and experiment.


Tools of Improvisation

Everyone is creative and has ideas. Learn to accept the ideas of your fellow team members and build on them. With the help of improvisation games, we practice spontaneous association, “failing” with courage, quickly letting go and flexible rethinking.


Culinary experiences on your team building day

Breakfast Forest

We start the morning with a fresh snack. Pick something delicious in our Breakfast Forest and discover that sometimes good ideas do fall from the sky.

At your first food moment as a team, veggies and baked goods hang over your heads. You take whatever you desire. Combine with colorful hummus and top with fresh herbs. Grab a pair of scissors and harvest fresh greens from the cress wall. The whole room becomes your breakfast table. The land of milk and honey can wait.

Interactive Lunch

At noon, we come together for an Interactive Lunch. At three food stations, you combine spices, textures and flavors.

At Station I, you assemble your own bowl and intuitively try out spice combinations. At Station II, you can expect long “dip & roll” tracks of different toppings. Grab an energy ball and roll it through anything that tempts you. At Station III, you find power shots in glass test tubes. Take a sip and fill up some energy for the second half of the day.

Farewell Snack

A last gathering to bid you farewell. Where there is chocolate, people come together – a universal truth that also applies to your team building day. We serve cloudy sweet mousse, fitting for the cozy winter time. The dessert spoons hang on a long string. Eating alone? Impossible! Exchange thoughts and let the shared experience melt in your mouth once again.

… of course, we also thought of a present for you to take home. Your good gut feeling shall accompany you for a long time.


Nadira Linnartz has been working in the gastronomic industry for twenty years. As a chef, she specializes in the creation of vegan and gluten-free dishes. In 2017, Nadira finally opened her own café in Berlin-Mitte.

Nadira’s love of food goes back to the early years of her life. Even as a child, she loved to cook and when she liked something, she wanted to know what was inside and how it was prepared. Nadira’s tireless interest and curiosity led her to create recipes of her own and trust her intuition in the kitchen.

Today, Nadira has made it her mission to spread her love of food – by cooking from the heart and offering Intuitive Cooking & Baking classes. Nadira is convinced that we can learn everything, we just need a pinch of openness and someone to guide us. Cooking is just the beginning.

Menu for download? Get it here!




On your team building day, we will offer you a curated program from 9:30 to 17:30. In the morning as well as in the afternoon you can look forward to one workshop each – which makes two workshops in total. The workshops will be led by experts from our network.

Your group decides which two workshops you book for your team building day – depending on your team composition, budget and target expectations. An overview of all bookable team building workshops can be found at the top of this page. We recommend that you choose one THINKING workshop and one DOING workshop for your team building day.



This is how you calculate the price for a Wild & Root team building day:

Team building BASE PRICE
+ Price “THINKING” workshop module
+ Price “DOING” workshop module
= Total price

The net BASE PRICE for SMALL GROUPS (up to 15 pers.) is € 6.500. The net BASE PRICE for LARGE GROUPS (up to 30 pers.) is € 9.500. The BASE PRICE includes three interactive meals, a beverage flatrate for your entire team building day and the reservation of the event location. The price for the selectable workshops can be found in the detailed information of each module.



We have the perfect venue for your team! All venues are located within the city of Berlin. The event locations will be assigned by us depending on your booking date and group requirements. The venue rental is already included in the BASE PRICE for your team building day.

Your company is not local to Berlin? You have questions about travel, hotel or additional team building offers for your group? Feel free to ask! We will provide you with tips and suggestions for your Berlin trip. Also let us know in case you want to integrate your Wild & Root team building day into a larger thematic framework. We are happy to support your company.


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