Interactive Campaigns
We embody your brand values into food experiences

Turning your brand into a 3D experience

Multi-sensorial Design

Your challenge: “The corporate design of our company is outdated / does not exist yet. Our claim: The design should transport our brand and reach the stakeholders on all levels.”

What we do: We give your CD a (re)launch. When doing so, we do not only think in 2D. How should your brand sound, feel, smell and taste?  We craft a design for all senses. 

Outcome: A new corporate design for your brand that takes textures, sounds, tastes and feelings into account. So that your brand becomes an experience.

Wild and Root Berlin Food Art Week
Wild and Root Food Conference Berlin

An engaging brand communication

Campaign Implementation

Your challenge: “We have developed a great campaign concept with Wild & Root (see “Creative Consulting”). Now we have to get it on the road. // Or: We don’t want to participate in the conceptual phase, we are looking for a partner who makes a proposal for implementation and then realizes the concept for us.”

What we do: We subject your campaign concept to a revision loop with our implementation experts, turning your rough concept idea into a comprehensive, more detailed implementation plan. Then we implement the developed campaign for you. // Or: You tell us the framework parameters, we make a concept proposal and take care of the implementation.

Outcome: Your campaign concept out there. Whatever it may be: pop-up location, online platform, event, city manifestation, social media movement or something way beyond.

Striving for connection

Engaging Events

Your challenge: “We have an offline or online event that needs to be implemented. It should be an engaging experience for everyone involved.”

What we do: We conceptualize your event and we make it happen. No matter whether it’s external (e.g. for your customers) or internal (e.g. team building). We use food as a language and transport your values. We want your participants to taste, smell and experience them.

Outcome: A heart-driven, interactive event. Online as well as offline. Engaging, playful, educational, connecting. And certainly unforgettable.

Wild and Root Supper Club Neumanns Berlin

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