Together at the table


TOGETHER AT THE TABLE invites you to exchange and network. We want to create a meeting place to talk to each other, to act and to strengthen regional relations.

Caterers and chefs from the region will present themselves together with their local suppliers – as a team in which every member contributes to success for all. We want political decision-makers, restaurateurs, regional producers and processors, as well as citizens to experience the commitment and willingness to negotiate behind this. The aim of the project is to taste the results of regional cooperation and to get into conversation with each other like every single person – also and above all guests with their consumption decisions contribute significantly to the sustainable success of regional value creation.

To this end, we cordially invite to four curated dinners with 30 invited guests from political decision-makers to regional businesses. Our kick-off event will take place on 12 November at Röbler Thor in Wittstock (Dosse). Our guests will sit down at a long table and taste a regional 3-course menu. For each course a producer will introduce himself. We want to learn how cooperations have been created and how the partners support each other. Interactive elements ignite the communication, which leads to a common experience with new perspectives.

During a 3-4 month campaign period the explicitly regional menu can be tasted in the respective gastronomy. In addition, we offer ‘MAZ’ readers a dinner, which is combined with an excursion to the respective local producers and growers.

An overview of all campaign areas:

NOVEMBER 2018 TO JANUARY 2019: Hotel und Restaurant Roebler Thor, Wittstock / Dosse

FEBRUARY TO APRIL 2019: Hotel und Restaurant Waldschlösschen, Kyritz

MAY TO JULY 2019: Restaurant Clavis, Netzeband

AUGUST TO OCTOBER 2019: Café und Catering Wildwuchs, Neuruppin



Wild & Root Kreativagentur, Regionalentwicklung

Röbler Thor in Wittstock/Dosse

Wild & Root Kreativagentur, Regionalentwicklung

Hotel und Restaurant Waldschlösschen in Kyritz

Wild & Root Kreativagentur, Regionalentwicklung

Restaurant Clavis in Netzeband

Wild & Root Kreativagentur, Regionalentwicklung

Café und Catering Wildwuchs in Neuruppin