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Wild & Root develops and facilitates workshops. In our workshops, we encourage an open, opportunity-driven mindset. Get rid of retarding structures which may be inherent to your leadership or management culture. Together we find your company vision. Play through future scenarios with us, explore new business fields and get support in organizational development.


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Workshopentwicklung mit Wild & Root, Workshop Development with Wild & Root



Wild & Root takes over the trend scouting for your industry or product group, and creates trend reports. Get to know your market from a new perspective and keep an eye on your competitors. Wild & Root supports you in making food trends and industry trends specifically usable for your company. Based on our market analyses, we support you in developing your product strategy or in structuring your portfolio strategy.


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Wild & Root conducts Strategy Sprints. Our claim: fast results, sustainable roadmap. Formulate your brand vision with us, get to the heart of your brand definition, find your brand positioning and get support in brand building. Together we tell your brand narrative, unfold a brand strategy in all its layers and build structures for continuous brand development.


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Wild & Root translates your brand strategy into operations. We take over the campaign conception process for you. Develop your marketing strategy with us, strengthen your communication strategy and find unique formats for a company-specific content strategy.


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The Wild & Root principles for workshop development

Wild & Root’s strategic consulting services are based on two principles: IDEA and SELF-EFFICACY. This means: We want to create spaces for inspiration and work in an implementation-oriented way. These two principles guide us – regardless of whether we develop a brand vision or a communication strategy, explore new industry trends or entire business fields with you.

Strategieberatung und Workshopentwicklung mit Wild & Root, Strategic Consulting and Workshop Development with Wild & Root

Customized Workshop Development and Trend Reports - Ideas Need Inspiration

The IDEA principle includes a high standard of creativity that always accompanies the strategic consulting work of Wild & Root. Already in the workshop development phase we design playful thinking spaces and intuitive strategy sprints. We consciously create environments in which ideas can flourish. Depending on requirements, we also provide content impulses. These include trend reports and unique content strategies. We bring lightness to the strategic consulting work with management teams and encourage workshop participants to break out of their routines. Both leadership culture and team dynamics can be responsible for a lack of ideas in a company setting. With inspiring case studies, we create fertile ground for innovative thinking.

Yes to honesty

When you work with Wild & Root, it is about the matter at hand, not about corporate politics. This principle is crucial in strategic consulting, especially where a common perspective needs to be found. For example, in the case of your brand positioning or organizational development. Wild & Root’s typical style of workshop facilitation is independent – but rarely neutral. Our work is driven by the will to find the best idea for your company. Accordingly, we tend to be honest and help brands move forward by taking a self-critical look at their existing business model. This may be where the greatest potential for your future development lies.

Space for visions

Our goal for strategic consulting: Creating space! For visions, personal heart projects and creative approaches. Sustainable decisions rarely arise from the urgencies of daily business. In workshop development, we have done a good job when your team members close their mailboxes and put their smartphones on mute. We want to replace to-do lists with an idea that everybody is burning for. Wild & Root’s role in this is one of inspiration: We do the trend scouting, tell brand narratives, and point out future scenarios. However, your team will always come up with ideas of their own. Trust that everything is already there. We just make room for you so that you can perceive the ideas that have already emerged in you and your colleagues.

Strategieberatung und Workshopentwicklung mit Wild & Root, Strategic Consulting and Workshop Development with Wild & Root

Co-creative strategy sprints and campaign conception - implementation needs self-efficacy

At Wild & Root, we like ideas when they’re simple. When they come playfully. When they are fun and flow. At their best, ideas are imperfect, big and born from a spark of inspiration. But an idea is nothing if it’s not translated into a company vision or brand strategy. It needs implementation.

That’s why our second consulting principle is SELF-EFFICACY. In strategy sprints and co-creative campaign conception sessions, Wild & Root brings your whole team to the table. We think in terms of implementation scenarios and prototypes that can be tested immediately. We find ways. “Can’t” is not an option at Wild & Root. The question is rather: How do we make it work? And what can each team member contribute?

Turning strategy into an experience

Wild & Root works primarily in the fields of food, education and regional development. In all three fields we find a playground for maximum tangible products. The tangibility of results plays a major role in Wild & Root’s work. Not only when developing designs and events, but also in our strategic consulting services. When developing strategy workshops, we always consider the subsequent steps. The impulses for your company vision and management culture are interactive. In trend reports, we not only describe food trends, but also make direct deductions for your product and portfolio strategy. In our strategy sprints, we deal with practical course changes for your brand strategy and brand development.

Immediate change

The principle of SELF-EFFICACY provides the balance to the wild thinking that underlies the IDEA principle. Because ultimately, it’s not just about having a good idea, but also about making a tangible contribution to its implementation. Together we bring your developed ideas to a concretly feasible level. After a visionary and open phase, we put together task packages. At the end of a Wild & Root workshop there always stands the courageous task of bringing your ideas to life.

Strategieberatung und Workshopentwicklung mit Wild & Root, Strategic Consulting and Workshop Development with Wild & Root

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