Company Vision & New Business Fields

Your challenge: You want to formulate a company vision, run through future scenarios, explore the possibilities of new business fields or work on organizational development questions. However, due to your team constellation or corporate culture, it is difficult to break away from day-to-day operations. You need support in workshop development or workshop facilitation.

What we do: Wild & Root develops and facilitates workshops. We encourage an open, opportunity-driven mindset in your team. Get rid of retarding structures which may be inherent to your leadership or management culture. Together we find your company vision. Play through future scenarios with us, explore new business fields and get support in organizational development.

Outcome: A workshop that is purposefully developed and facilitated to create an open space in which ideas can come freely. Work on the big future questions of your company in a playful and collaborative way. In our workshops, we rely on the intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit of the participants and welcome work in interdisciplinary groups. Wild & Root workshops are suitable for experienced managers and young founder teams alike.

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Our Wild & Root tip for Workshop Development: Create eye level. Provide your colleagues with an experience that is new for all participants, regardless of their professional experience. For example, put an unfamiliar object on the table or serve the snacks with unusual cutlery.

The shared moment connects. For colleagues who are more senior in terms of hierarchy, you take away the pressure of having to solve and explain all the questions that may arise during the workshop. For the more inexperienced colleagues, you create a moment that is not determined by established business etiquette and long-standing structures. All workshop participants meet on the same level, the motto of the day is set: discover, try out, get to know new things together.