Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy

Your challenge: Your brand positioning needs to be sharpened in order for you to compete. Your brand vision is pragmatic, your brand definition is vague, your brand narratives lack relevance. You want to bring more focus to brand building or brand development, and desire a sustainable brand strategy as a guardrail. You are looking for support in conducting a Strategy Sprint.

What we do: Wild & Root conducts Strategy Sprints. Our claim: fast results, sustainable roadmap. Formulate your brand vision with us, get to the heart of your brand definition, find your brand positioning and get support in brand building. Together we tell your brand narrative, unfold a brand strategy in all its layers and build holistic structures for continuous brand development.

Outcome: Your brand gets a clear profile: a sharply defined, coherent overall picture, focused and efficiently communicable. Discuss with us in advance the corporate strategy challenges or market-specific hurdles you are currently facing. You can expect us to design your Strategy Sprint with an entrepreneurial mindset and find methods to involve your entire team in strategic brand development. Wild & Root Strategy Sprints are suitable for management and marketing teams as well as for interdisciplinary groups.

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Our Wild & Root tip for Strategy Sprints: Don’t question your entire brand in sprint meetings. Policy discussions eat up time. Avoid them in meetings where you hope for quick, pragmatic solutions. Often, changing the user experience of your products or presenting them differently is a short cut to creating an improved brand experience. In sprint sessions, encourage your colleagues to look for strategic levers that can be translated into concrete projects.