Marketing Strategy & Content Strategy

Your challenge: On a higher level, your company vision has been clearly formulated and your brand positioning has been defined; now it’s time to translate it into a concrete marketing strategy. You want to develop communication measures and formats that interlock and build on each other. You need support with campaign conception.

What we do: Wild & Root translates your brand strategy into operations. We take over the campaign conception process for you. Develop your marketing strategy with us, strengthen your communication strategy and find unique formats for a company-specific content strategy.

Outcome: Wild & Root develops ideas for communication measures and content formats. Choose from a pool of creative, custom-tailored concepts that align with your brand positioning. We structure them into a step-by-step communication strategy, adapted to the course of the year and seasonal characteristics of your industry. On request, we also offer the campaign conception process as an interactive workshop format and closely involve your team in the development of the marketing or content strategy.

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Our Wild & Root tip for Campaign Conception: Don’t be afraid of noisy competitors. Especially as an underdog, it’s often not about entering a budget battle, but rather about implementing the most creative campaign idea. Find multipliers that tell your brand story in an emotional way or find a fun way to make people engage with your product willingly.