How to showcase the offer of a market hall in an engaging way


  • We focused on the main values of the market hall: producers, handcraft and fresh produce. 
  • The market hall had a different theme every day. 
  • We implemented decoration that transmitted the values, interactive food stations from a cabbage memory wall to a flying smell bar, engaging cooking shows, workshops and cookbook lectures. The highlight was a welcome dinner with 80 guests where each food vendor provided one course.



By giving people low barriers to try and discover in a new way, guests with diverse age, education and background were enabled and inspired. 



Markt Halle Acht, Bremen, Opening 2016.

Wild and Root Kreativagentur Markthalle Acht Bremen
Wild and Root Kreativagentur Art Direction
Wild and Root Kreativagentur Styling
Wild and Root Kreativagentur Art Direction


Well, let us fire up your imagination! How about …



Apron portraits that show the traces of the different that has been done


Feeding Performance

A ‘Distanced Feeding Performance’ where we feed each other with plenty of care and food from far away


Give Back

A ‘Give back work mission’ on the fields of the people that produce our food

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