How to showcase the uniqueness and potential of a region


  • We created a table that initiates a new encounter with known products and dishes, aiming for an engagement from different angles and discovering added values 
  • An installation accessible from all sides where product combinations and traditional recipes where interpreted in a new way: cheese balls to be rolled on a herbal bed, grating horseradish on smoked trout, handcrafted plates with special features to support the story of a dish.



By maxing out the existing and limited resources and making them the center of the experience, people were surprised by the potential of their region and the stories that can be told through the food.



Collaboration with Designer Sandra Stark, Carlotta Cramer-Klett and Essi Glomb for the project LAURIN, Lausitz.

Wild and Root super food Studio Berlin
Wild and Root design thinking Food Studio Berlin
Wild and Root super food Studio Berlin
Wild and Root design thinking Food Studio Berlin
Wild and Root supper club Food Studio Berlin


Well, let us fire up your imagination! How about …


Regional Love Pass

A regional love pass to travel around your hood and meet the people behind the products


Your Farmers Phone

A ‘Your Farmers Phone-Challenge’ where we promote to finally save the number of people that take care of you


Veggie Tinder

Tinder for veggies to find out who you are really looking for

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