How to tell the story of former life in a monastery


  • We designed an experience in a former monastery garden where we served a menu dedicated to the edible flowers and herbs that the monks where planting. Small messages gave hints of their healing powers.
  • A rich monastery experience consisted i.a. napkins turned into robes, guests where tight together in order to eat together from a shared plate, a dish had to be enjoyed in silence, and stories where read out in between the courses.



By taking former rituals and giving them a modern interpretation supported by a collective experience guests could get a better understanding of monastery life and take home a long lasting memory.



Collaboration with Stadt Kyritz & Kulturverein Ganz.

Wild and Root interaktives Essen Berlin
Wild and Root interaktives Essen Berlin
Wild and Root Kloster Kyritz
Wild and Root Eventagentur Berlin


Well, let us fire up your imagination! How about …


Table Cloth Stories

Table cloth stories, where you manifest your moment on textiles and pass it on


Collection Of Things

A digital “Collection of things” where you discover the stories behind the object and get an accompanying challenge



An audio exhibition where you listen to personal memories

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