How to crack up big figures of food waste and visualizing the value of our waste


  • We curated a night with a menu guiding through the different places where food is wasted: on the field, while processing, at the retailer and at home.
  • For each course we invited an expert that would give us a better insight of his/her main challenges.
  • Meanwhile we served rescued food, presented in outstanding ways that triggered a change in perspective and a challenge to trust your senses rather than labels.



By combining a culinary experience and inviting experts that answered many questions from the audience, guests could get a deeper understanding of the alarming situation.



Cooperation with Sophia Hoffmann & Isla Coffee for the campaign AbfallFreitag for BSR


Well, let us fire up your imagination! How about …


Zero waste currency

A zero waste currency: You buy food that needs to be saved and get credit to buy produce in a store


From hand to hand

An interview series about people working at different parts of the food chain


Creative mind

An online challenge to be as creative as possible with your declared food waste


Food memories

A podcast around food memories, where we talk about emotional moments around food

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