Food Festival: Balkan tradion of red spread


Ajvar is an irresistible pepper spread which is deeply rooted in the Balkan cuisine. To produce it, peppers are grilled, peeled and then slowly cooked over an open fire. It’s also known as poor people’s caviar and it is produced in autumn building up the stocks to get through the winter.

Together with Samovino we were dedicating an entire festival to the topic of handcraft and the power that it brings into a community. Next to the process of making Ajvar we ran some workshops to create individual butter, sauerkraut and wild herb pesto.

Our approach was to share the experience in a community of a handmade product which tastes better that the industrial products from the supermarkets. Cooking the Ajvar and preparing it for the winter months is also a sustainable way of production.

Location: Endorphina Bäckerei, Corp partner: Samovino