The Wild Collective
We are food lovers and experts.

Food Lovers & Experts

Wild & Root is born out of a desire to inspire, involve and create together.

We are a bunch of creative minds including designers, chefs, photographers, architects, biologists, nutritionists, journalists & illustrators.

Together we are an innovative, creative force – co-creation at its best!

Wild & Root Kreativagentur, Gründerin Linda Lezius
LindaConcept + Design

My name is Linda. With a Master degree in design and ten years of experiences in gastronomy and agriculture, I co-founded Wild & Root in 2014 with the intention of bringing culinary stories and education to life. Food goes far beyond our own plate.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members
MadhviConcept + Project Management

I am Madhvi, a creative storyteller who has experience working with publications such as the BBC, New York Times and Penguin Random House as well as brands such as AllBirds and Google. I love devising original concepts, engaging workshops and meaningful experiences. My aim is to connect people to their creativity, to each other, and the world around them.

FranziskaBrand + Strategy

My name is Franziska. Strategist in the head, writer in the heart. Either way, always a story hunter on the look out for campfire sites. Today I live in Berlin-Mitte, a country girl for whom village life quickly felt too small. When I’m not advising food retailers or start-ups, I work on fictional material. Immune to persuasion, prone to enthusiasm. For me, the rule is: if in doubt, for the idea.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members
Sun MeeConcept + Project Management

I am Sun Mee, a Creative Consultant and Culinary Experience Designer. With an international work experience in the innovation, design and event industry, I engage in diverse cross-cultural projects at the intersection of food, sustainability, and social ties. I am passionate about exploring what connects humans at a deeper level and how we can improve our social and environmental wellbeing. With curiosity and openness at the core of my activities, I believe in the power of shared experiences.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members

My name is Lucia, I am an Italian architect, illustrator and food designer currently living in Zurich. I grew up in the restaurant of my family, watching my grandparents busy preparing succulent food and where it’s always the right moment to sit around a rich table to tell stories.  I like this idea of food as a medium, as a mediator and I have always used it in this way, as an architect, as an illustrator and as a food designer as well.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members

I am Carina, a visual storyteller celebrating life through my lens, passionately co-creating with other visionaries and life-lovers. It is my joy to experience tastes and aromas, to hear the stories behind people, dishes, places and products. I take it all in to then bring it again into the form and color of my photos, so the others can experience it too. 

LisaChef + Graphic Design

I am Lisa – chef and graphic designer living in Berlin. Diverse flavors and rhythms as well as the beautiful art of communication inspire every day anew. I believe that if we understand that eating is so much more than just filling our stomachs, we can (re)connect to ourselves and allow food to be both our medicine and our pleasure.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members

I am Ana, a documentary photographer from Portugal living in Berlin – and always happy to travel around! Photography is my favourite creative tool and way of expression. With it, I produce candid images to tell meaningful stories of purpose-driven people and projects.
I am also a lover of nature and art, thus valuing and prioritizing co-creation with environmental and cultural organizations, artists and educational projects.


I am Carolina, a Berlin-based chef and a former architect. I was born in a half Italian, half Lebanese family in São Paulo – Brazil, so food has always been a special subject for me. In 2019 I founded The Onion Project, a supper club around topics like family recipes, cultural heritage and the connection to people through food. Being in a foreign country made me value even more the emotional sense of food and community. My work includes cooking for catering events and as a personal chef.

YoniVisual Content + Photography

My name is Yoni. I’ve been developing visual content for the past 9 years, with a focus on food and sustainability. I’m aiming to educate about “good food”, introducing the people behind beautiful products, and portray visions of a better food system. My education from The University of Gastronomic Sciences made me understand food in a holistic approach, by analyzing all the different aspects of our food system trying to understand how to truly change the system as a whole.

Wild & Root Creative Food Agency, Collective Members

I am Thore, a Sustainable Chef offering creative, plant based Cooking Experiences. I want to inspire people to break new grounds and connect them not only with each other through our senses, but also with nature and our resources – for a healthier and more sustainable life. We cook and eat plant based cuisine and I love to create beautiful delicious dishes from rescued produce. Let’s save the world deliciously!


I am Tsvetana. My mission: to make it possible for everyone to enjoy healthy food. For this I founded the Berlin-based Manufactory & Café TRIVITYS, here I create my healthy and delicious treats with the world. Luckily, I was able to let go of my successful career in business after two degrees and a few job years – I’ve never been happier than I am now. And that’s how my products taste, too. Taste the happiness!

ManuelaGraphic Artist + Musician

I am Manuela, graphic artist and musician from South America, Chile, living in Berlin. My career has been super varied and through my art and the communication skills i have collected all around, I am inviting others to explore, to be curious and to connect with the beauty that comes from simplicity, from melodies, and from the nature, that is my biggest inspiration.

ViolaSocial Media + Events

My name is Viola, Social Media & Event Manager for Wild & Root. I believe that being creative with strong words and pictures/videos can change minds. With my studies in education and environmental management I worked for different foundations in communications. Supporting people and organisations to preserve the world for future generations drives my work. Beyond that I love to travel and get to know the world.

ClaudiSocial Media + Events

I am Claudi. Country girl, creative mind and always in search for great experiences. I discovered my love for good food early. To me, Wild & Root is a place to combine everything I enjoy – here I go wild as a Social Media and Event Manager.