IntuEat Vol.1

Intuitive cooking and eating
Wild and Root Cooking Workshops Berlin

We went on our first creative journey with IntuEat and invited our guests to an intuitive cooking and eating experience. During the two days we learned about:

_simply using your trust and intuition
_no recipes will be given, we will create our own
_organic seasonal food
_discovering food with all senses
_introduction on the healing power of plants
_transformation and different cooking techniques
_taste combination and plating

_how to listen to your body and its needs, group meditation
_introduction on the basics of Ayurveda
_the importance of thanking
_changing your eating habits in little steps
_developing rituals of self care with food
_sharing and learning from each other
_create a common vision

It has been such a wonderful space that we shared where we connected with our inner voice and creativity!