Our guests will be invited to a space that we set up for this special night. It is exciting to get engaged in a new location every time and to create a unique spatial feeling. We start with a welcome drink when guests arrive. We always try to come up with another way of involvement where spices and herbs are often playing a leading roll. Our guests are seated on a long table. Everyone can take a seat wherever he wants. The table is decorated with vegetables and greens which betrays something of its healing powers. In between there are bread loafs which have to be broken apart and shared.


Wild and Root kulinarische Erlebnisse Berlin

There will be already the first conversation sparked and crooked carrots, mortars of pepper and water carafes are being passed across the table. The four-course-menu with local protagonists will be served with a perfect choice of wine. The first course is for example a cucumber cilantro celery salad. He is hidden in a screwed wooden box. On the lid there is a graphic instruction for the process: unscrew the box, cut, mix, share. Inside guests find corresponding ingredients and needed tools for the preparation. Next soup will be served as family style in huge tureens, so that the guests can serve each other. Alongside we sometimes serve sunflower seeds in small bags which are hanging above the table and have to be harvested first in order to be topped on oneself or other soups. This it how the night cheerfully goes on continuously. After the main course we used to burn almost traditionally dry rosemary which in former days has been utilized as an alternative to incense and it clears the air. When the dessert has been cut out, smashed or dug up, we serve a last round of fennel seeds in order to provide a good breath. At the end of the night every guest goes home with a happy tummy, inspiration for daily life and plenty of new contacts.