Where it all began

Wild & Root has its roots in the countryside of Brandenburg. We collaborated on a project for regional development in the area of Lausitz. Discovering local handcraft and producers we were highly amazed by a medicinal herb garden as we saw the variety of herbs that they grow. Remembering the limited choice that we have in our urban supermarkets drove us to the urgent need to bring back the knowledge and diversity of our plants. We rediscovered old knowledge that is not present anymore in our daily life. In a world of over consumption people follow consumer habits that they do not question after a while. As there is too much available we are pleased if there is limited selection. Furthermore we are well supplied by our pharmacies that we do not anymore that basil blows away our headache. Instead we are getting some pill without even knowing the substances.

Wild and Root Food Photography Berlin

Our background

Growing up in the countryside taught us from the cradle how to plant, harvest and process fresh products. Therefore we gained the knowledge of preserving pickles, jam-making or how good taste a sun-ripened tomato may have. Raising up surrounded by nature are very significant for our senses in the urban context.

Our professional background in design gives us the tools to convey our research into suitable dimensions. Thus we have been collected experience in different areas like pop-up restaurants, cooking shows, styling, interior design as well as editorial photoshoots.

Being curious and adventurous brought us to plenty places all over the world. We got to know many people and their love for cooking which made us discover their culture. Those experiences show us again and again how food influences various aspects of life.

Diving more and more into eating design, we are expand our knowledge about healing powers, process techniques, history, culture and non the less the act of eating itself.

What inspires us

Different national cuisines, farmer’s markets, our chefs, conversations with our creative network, construction markets, our fridge, Michael Pollan, Magnus Nilsson, our research sessions with the studio team, old handcraft, trips to the countryside, kitchen nights with friends.