Food Lab for research & concepts


Our food research lab works with regional development agencies for local communication strategies as well as studies about nutrition, environment, politics & society, f.i. eating culture, history and trends of consumption, food waste solutions and modern agriculture.

IntuEat - cooking playground


IntuEat is a platform for intuitive cooking and eating as well as learning and sharing with each other. We believe in the power of creativity and listening to our inner voices. Everyone should create their own ideas and taste without feeling of doing something wrong to their bodies and minds. And have fun while doing it!


Together at the table


This event series invites to exchange and network. We want to create a place to speak and act with each other as well as strengthen local relations. Therefor we are curating four dinners with 30 guests from political decision makers to local producers in Prignitz-Ruppin.


SOLANUM - Food Festival


In collaboration with Solanum e.V. we organized this year’s festival: Solanum – Das kulinarische Festival im Norden Brandenburgs which took place in Rheinsberg from 25th to 27th of May. The idea behind the concept is to create a space for producers and consumers in order to talk, get to know eachother, explain, create, inspire, share knowlegde and beautiful food.


Taste of Home


The taste of home is dedicated to our individual culinary roots. In our globalized world people live not only in their country of origin anymore, but all over the planet, for many reasons such as work, relationships or forced migrations.

How does home taste like? Where do we find a culinary feeling of home? Which traditions and habits are connecting us to our origin?


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