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Giving your brand a clear strategic profile

Brand Definition

Your challenge: “We do not manage to send clear, loud messages. Our brand does not feel like an entity, yet. We tell too many stories and none that gets to the heart of what moves us – where our business comes from and where we want to go.”

What we do: We help you to define the core pillars of your brand. Together, we find your brand’s vision and values, carve out your main brand manifestations and formulate your brand narrative.

Outcome: Your brand gets a clear profile: a sharply defined, coherent overall picture, focused and efficiently communicable.

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Developing a communicative action plan

Campaign Conception

Your challenge: “We have a great brand / product / service on the market and everyone should know about it. Standard use of channels like OOH, TV commercials or newspaper advertisements are not our preferred way to go.”

What we do: We help you to define the core message of your campaign. Based on that, together we craft communication solutions that stand out from the conventional and involve your customers with all senses.

Outcome: You receive a concept for an integrated, interactive campaign and will be able to directly test a campaign prototype. So you can quickly see first results, before you kick-off large-scale implementation.

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Pushing organizational development

Visionaries' forge

Your challenge: “Our company must continue to develop in order to keep up with innovative competitors. We are looking for new business fields and want to open up new areas without compromising our core business.”

What we do: We help you setting up your development strategy, getting you inspired to see further innovation possibilities and stretching out future scenarios.

Outcome: A strategic roadmap for your company’s future development. Considering your company heritage as well as recent market trends.

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We research the latest trends

Food Update

Your challenge: “The food scene rotates so quickly and constantly brings forth new trends. We have to be up to date to be able to produce innovative and creative ideas ourselves.”

What we do: You define the specific food group you are interested in (e.g. baked goods, chocolate products or tea). We research the latest trends and compile a food report for you. 

Outcome: A trend report, which is presented in an interactive setting. New trends are not simply compiled on PowerPoint slides, but we want you to taste, feel, smell and experience them.

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