Food Research & Event Agency
We communicate through food.

Wild & Root is a food research lab and creative event agency.

Our aim is to reflect on our environment by creating culinary concepts. This goes from society, politics, culture, nature to science while we research on habits, traditions as well as psychological aspects. Our design background allows us to transform our results into an experienceable dimension involving different techniques and senses.

Food has a powerful emotional influence that connects us and thereby can be used to convey meaningful messages.

Our Roots

What made us started


With a background in design, gastronomy and agriculture we got lost in the countryside of Brandenburg, found treasures and this is where our journey began.


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Our Work

What we create


Discover what we create, how we work and find out more about our food experiences.


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Our Vision

The power of food


Food is a powerful tool that connects people and is able to convey meaningful messages regarding environment, politics and society.


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A New Economic Heartbeet

We live in distant times. Iceland is urged to hug trees to overcome isolation and Germany starts to home-bake their beloved sourdough bread, in a desperate attempt not to be the only living klops in the apartment. We suddenly realize: Emotional connection has become our most precious asset. It always has been.

Food is Our Language

For decades, sustainably motivated companies have been providing us with offers to reconnect. And yet it takes a genuine experience to make it clear how far we have distanced ourselves from our environment: Suddenly we feel with true integrity what it actually means not to know where our flour comes from or who harvests our vegetables.

Self-experience is the missing link, creating actual bonds with the beautifully empowering values behind sustainable brands. What we need is more than spoken words. A language that reaches beyond our minds. Food can be this language. It is the one original language we have, as a species, as beings and as a globe – the subtext that unites us all.

The Value of Food

We are witnessing a pivotal momentum for bringing the value of food back into people’s lives. At Wild & Root, we create sensorially engaging food experiences which allow playful self-awareness. We are blurring the line between art installation and marketing craft, encouraging an interactive dialogue with sustainable ideas.

Together, let’s find your narrative, craft participatory campaigns and empower your team. Because we simply can no longer afford to live in emotional disconnection – also from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Entrepreneurial at Heart

It’s the dawn of a new business imperative. The business world becomes more female and starts to invite qualities of empathy and awareness. Emotions strengthen brands and teams all over the industries, and lead them also into an economically sustainable future.

This is a shoutout to all business humans, ecopreneurs and wild-hearted nature enthusiasts: Together we can change the world. Let’s bring emotion positivity to business, sustainable values to life and some more honesty on all our plates.

Join us. Tune in to a New Economic Heartbeet.

#NewHeartbeet #ConnectionSustains

Our Sustainability Wheel

36 reasons to be loved by us
LoveHow you treat your employees and other fellow-humans
BizHow you organize and structure your business processes and activities
Food PowerWhich criteria you take into account regarding your products / services
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Meet our Wild Collective

Wild & Root is born out of a desire to inspire, involve and create together.

We are a bunch of creative minds including designers, chefs, photographers, architects, biologists, nutritionists, journalists & illustrators. 

Together we are an innovative, creative force – co-creation at its best!

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