What we do

First of all the concept of Wild & Root is the common experience. Taking time for each other, gathering at one table, creating awareness for the roots and healing power of our food and its preparation, inspiring each other, learning, sharing, enjoying, having fun, changing perspectives. We want to create pleasure for cultivation and purchase and make food a liveable experience. Particularly we aim to take away any fear to do something wrong and motivate people to experiment with food.

The result of our work can be expressed in dinners, team buildings, workshops, products, installations or performances.


Wild and Root Food Lab Event Berlin

Inspiration for a local cuisine

At a time in which products from all over the world are available in the supermarkets to every season, we want to sensitize the costumer for the various treasures from our local fields. Far away from spiritual and moral diets as kosher, vegan or paleo, Wild & Root characterize the pleasure of eating. The hectic shopping of cheap discounter goods in the city has society made forgotten the natural handling with our food. We want to inspire for the shopping, convey pleasure for the food preparation and through a sensory experience moving people back to enjoyment. Thus we support local manufactures and the preservation of local cuisine. The strengthening of our sense of home gives us hold in a fast-paced, globalized world.

A common table

The table is not only a place to satisfy hunger, but also a place for conversations and exchange, reflection and deceleration as well as appreciation of well-being. Often the fast pace of daily life displaced the important roll of the table. It offers us the opportunity to gather and take time for each other and the food. The common food preparation claims for communication and engagement. Ideas will be exchanged, inspirations absorbed, responsibilities spread, so that the group works towards a common goal. We grow fast together as a team and our sense of community will strengthened. The added community value has been experienced again and again at our events, so that our concept is used often as a team building event.

Wild and Root culinary events Berlin

A night at the table of Wild & Root

Our guests will be invited to a space that we set up for this special night. It is exciting to get engaged in a new location every time and to create a unique spatial feeling…

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How we work together

For projects we work on a specific subject for events as well as for a product range. We brainstorm with our team of designers, chefs, farmers and project related experts for inspiration and starting the research. Based on those results we develop the final concept. Designers come with ideas of colors, textures, atmosphere and experience where as chefs bring their profession of flavor combination and technical implementation.

Our concepts are characterized by involving the guests, using local and often unnoticed product variety. As guests decide about proportion, spices, and process, the chef has to let go the idea of being the creator of the final dish, so that he has to find a new way to implement his ideas.

It arises a new creative process that asks for a solution which has to find harmony with the unpredictable. How guests can achieve the desired taste experience? Which way of presentation can support this? How can traditional meals be transformed into the concept of sharing? The same applies to the service, which often is the messenger of the experience and has especially a supporting and motivating roll. Particularly at the beginning participants are still caught in their habits so that a small assistance tear down barriers.